Groundswell: Winning in a world Transformed by Social Technologies

Winning in a world Transformed by Social Technologies

Book Review: ‘Groundswell: Winning in a world Transformed by Social Technologies’ Many people are comfortable in the world of social networking applications but some people in business find it quite bewildering. It’s a technology that moves fast and managers can struggle to keep pace. Don’t panic! This book is a welcome exercise in explaining how to use blogs, Facebook, You Tube and so on, to promote business and connect with potential customers. It’s not bogged down with technical … [Read more...]

Projects and Cloud Computing


Projects and Cloud Computing There’s a lot of talk these days about cloud computing and its ability to provide client services at an affordable cost. Services are improved with the integration of proprietary applications and open source applications. In addition to cutting costs, cloud computing is more environmentally friendly, as less energy is needed. Microsoft and other prominent organizations have been pushing the concept. Even natural disaster zones can benefit, bringing people together … [Read more...]

Project Management 2.0: the “new” new, or the same “ol”


Project Management 2.0: Progressing Project Management though Social Media Traditional Project management is like using a map, a flat, specific tool to get you to where you are going that doesn’t always help when the project changes direction or goes beyond the scope of the original plan. Migrating to Project Management 2.0 is like the invention of GPS, using technological advancement to help to guide the team to the destination: Project completion. This new tool advances the process, … [Read more...]

Communication Tools and Project Management


Communication Tools and Project Management Everywhere you look today, people are multi-tasking, sharing phone pictures whilst emailing on the go and talking on the cell phone. I am a part of this and I like to stay in touch for business and pleasure. Actually, our work activities and our personal sphere are beginning to cross over, as tools such as SharePoint cover every aspect of our lives. In 2009, the Microsoft Collaboration Architect for the United States Government compiled a list of … [Read more...]

2010 Social Network Analysis Report

2010 Geographic and Demographic Breakdown on Traffic Data for Social Networking Analysis I thought it might be interesting to see how the previous two years have treated all the major social network sites out there. My analysis shows that close to all of the networks I looked at have seen a reduction in the traffic’s domain type. This may be a blip in the Google Insights for Search tool. Or it may be the result of users using the browser instead of relying on good old Google … [Read more...]